Memorial Wall Submission Form

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Henderson County Military Veterans

            Plans are underway to erect a memorial honoring all Henderson County military veterans who served in any war, from the Civil War up to the present time, or who served in peace time.

            To be included, the veteran must have entered the service from Henderson County, or if he or she joined elsewhere, must have been a native of Henderson County and gone to school here.

            If you served, or if you know of someone who served in our military forces,   please complete the following information and mail it to:

Veterans' Memorial

P.O. Box 2658

Athens, Texas 75751

(Please note that many veterans' names have already been submitted, so if the name you wish to submit appears on the list found on our web site it is not necessary to re-submit it.)  Please click the tabs on each war listed to see the names that we have found to date.


Name of Veteran:____________________________

Branch of Service_____________

Which War? (Civil War, WW I, WW II, Korea, etc.)___________________________

Approx. Dates of Service:_________________

School Attended:__________________

Underline any of these that apply: 

KIA, Died of Battle Wounds, Died-Non Battle Injury or Disease.

Submitted by: _________________________

Contact Telephone #:­­­_______________

Mailing Address _____________________________________________

Email _________________________________________

Please click on the tabs above for the lists of names we have at the present time.

As we continue our research the lists will be updated.