Volunteering at the Arboretum

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Volunteers Make Things Happen at the Arboretum

Since the Arboretum's beginning, countless volunteers and sponsors have been instrumental in its development and growth from an abandoned farmstead into a treasured collection of gardens and wooded nature area whose remarkable beauty continually attracts visitors from around the state and beyond. Arboretum volunteers come from Athens, Henderson County and other areas. Each has helped in their own way to make the East Texas Arboretum what it is today. 

You are invited to become an Arboretum member and volunteer, contibuting your unique and special talents and skills.



Volunteer Opportunities:

Want to meet new people, have fun and do something interesting? Consider becoming a Volunteer at the East Texas Arboretum! Arboretum Volunteers come from all over, bringing their unique interests, skills, knowledge and experiences. When you volunteer at the Arboretum, you receive the satisfaction of making a positive contribution to the growth of YOUR Arboretum! 

You don't have to be an aborist or plant expert to qualify either. There's a place for everyone! Your unique talents and skills will be welcome and appreciated! Clubs and organizations are welcome too!  So, come on down or call the East Texas Arboretum—we'll find a place for you!



Become an Arboretum Volunteer

For more information on volunteering at the East Texas Arboretum, call or stop by the Office. 

1601 Patterson Road
Athens, Texas  75751
Phone: 903-675-5630       
Fax: 903-675-1618  
Email: volunteer@eastexasarboretum.org

What Volunteers Actually Do.

Arboretum Volunteers assist with activities as:

  • Preparing bulk mailings
  • Performing general clerical duties
  • Guiding visitors though the nature trail
  • Working with school children on field trips
  • Assisting at special events like the Fall Festival
  • Tending the gardens & natural areas
  • Posting new signage on the Trails
  • Collecting entrance fees
  • Maintaining the Web site

* NOTE: Texas Law now states that all activities involving Children requires volunteers must pass a Criminal Background Check.

 Photo to the left of the Arboretum's Booth at the 2011 Home & Garden Show in the Cain Center. L 2 R: Bobby Hill, Teresa, ETABS Director and Kay Hill. Bobby & Kay serve on the Arboretum's Board of Directors. 

Sam Hill, Teresa and Kay Hill at KAB's 2011 Home & Garden Show.

Do you have some nice photos of the East Texas Arboretum you want to share.  Then attach them to an e-mail and send them on to the Arboretum's Volunteer Webteam at webmaster@eastexasarboretum.orgOr load them on a CD and drop them in the mail or stop by the Arboretum office.

Do you have some new ideas for the Arboretum?

Share your observations, thoughts and ideas about the Arboretum. Then take a few second or minutes to express yourself on the Contact Page. The Arboretum appreciates your support and feedback.