List of minimum annual leave by country

Country and flag Minimum annual leave Paid vacation days
(five-day workweek)[2][3] Paid public holidays[4][5] Total paid leave

(five-day workweek)

 Afghanistan Employees are entitled to 20 days recreational leave and 15 paid public holidays.[6] 20 15 35  Albania Employees are entitled to 20 days of annual leave and 12 paid public holidays.[7] 20 12 32  Algeria The paid annual leave is calculated on the basis of 2 and 1/2 days per month of work. The total duration of the leave cannot, however, exceed 30 calendar days per year.[8] Every employee is also entitled to 11 paid public holidays.[5] 30 11 41  Andorra Workers are entitled to 31 calendar days of paid leave after one year of employment. Before that, entitlement to leave is calculated at a rate of 2.5 days for every month worked. One period of leave must last two weeks or more to allow an uninterrupted rest period.[9] Every employee is also entitled to 14 paid public holidays.[10] 31 14 45  Angola The period of annual leave for workers is of 22 days per year, not including weekends, complementary weekly rest days and holidays in this calculation.[8] Every employee is also entitled to 11 paid public holidays.[11] 22 11 33  Antigua and Barbuda The length of the annual leave for an employee who has successfully passed his probationary period is at least one day per month of employment; 12 days per year of work performed. Every employee is also entitled to 11 paid public holidays.[12] 12 11 23  Argentina 14 calendar days (from 0 to 5 years seniority), 21 calendar days (from 5 to 10), 28 calendar days (from 10 to 20) and 35 calendar days (from 20). Every employees is also entitled to 11 paid public holidays.[12][13] 14 11 25  Armenia Generally, the duration of annual leave is 20 working days. Extended annual leave up to 25 working days is granted to certain categories of employees whose work involves great nervous, emotional and intellectual strain and professional risk.[14] Every employees is also entitled to 12 paid public holidays.[15][16] 20 16[17][18] 36  Australia For each year of service with his or her employer, an employee is entitled to a minimum of 4 weeks of paid annual leave, unless the employee is a shift-worker, in which case he or she is entitled to a minimum of 5 weeks of paid annual leave. Every employee is also entitled to 10 to 13 paid public holidays depending on the state and territory. Long service leave, which varies by jurisdiction, is also available to long standing employees.[6][19] 20 10 30  Austria If the employee has less than 25 years of service, he is entitled to 25 days of annual leave. If the employee has 25 years or more in the same firm, he is entitled to 30 days of annual leave. Every employee is also entitled to 13 paid public holidays.

One Last Hurrah: These Celebrity Couples Took a Breakup Vacation

Talk about ending on a high note. 

Just before announcing their split, Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler had gone on a family vacation to the Bahamas, spending three weeks together with their three children.

With a source telling E! News “that their marriage has been over” for some time now, it seems this trip served as a final vacation together before announcing their decision to divorce after almost seven years of marriage.

But Cavallari and Cutler are far from the first celebrity couple to go on one final vacation together before parting ways, with Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston infamously being photographed embracing on a beach just days before their shocking split and Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner going on their annual family vacation after announcing their separation.

Here are some celebrity couples who took intimate vacations together and enjoyed some fun in the sun just before announcing their separation…and some who even vacationed together just after making the news official.

Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, 2005

FameFlynet / BACKGRID

Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux, Cabo 2017

HEM / Premiere / BACKGRID

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, 2014

Jeff Vespa/VF14/WireImage

Wyndham Vacation Resorts / Timeshares – Scam promise! Review 59202


I am completely appalled by what I am about to tell you. Purchased a timeshare from fairfield fairshare plus resorts currently doing business as wyndham vacation resorts, rci, cendant inc (parent company). Being skeptical about the ease and worry free vacation promise, they promised big vacation savings, convenience, flexibility, and great customer service. All false. My main contention for buying this timeshare was my inability to use it yearly and lengthy advance reservations. “no problem, you can bank up to 4 years of unused timeshare, ” they preached. I have called several times and have not had any unused timeshare banked because I called to early, too late, on time and they still miss handled it. They told me if I ever need to stay in a hotel call one off the list and use my vacation points to get a room. That sounded good, so I tried that by calling their hotel number for a reservation 16 days in advance. They mail a certificate to use in about 14 days. I left and the certificate never arrived, how convenient is that, shouldn’t it be click, click and in the mail? I asked to have it emailed and I will print it out, or let me right down the numbers needed to check in. What a hassle. I had to pay for hotel, and never got reimbursed by fairfield. As it turns out, they embellished, lied about the ease of getting a hotel if I am traveling by car and need to stop and get a room.

As a bonus for being a new wonderfully appreciated customer (sucker) I received a free vacation week. I found out 2 years later by a fairfield sales person, that fairfield was charging me maintenance assessment fees for the free vacation time. According to a fairfield sales person, and a fairfield customer service representative, that should not happen. Not resolved.
Fairfield’s timeshare costs about $600 per year in maintenance fees for a week vacation. And in addition, a $5 monthly service fee for mailing a monthly bill. Fairfield’s scam begins by calling me to give them a credit card number for an automatic maintenance fee withdrawal to eliminate the $5 per month service fee for mailing the monthly maintenance assessment fee. I refused twice, and gave them my credit card number for the automatic withdrawal the third time they called.

The scam continues with a letter saying my maintenance fee is two months over due. I called customer service several times over several months. Their responses were first, you’re all set up and we have been making withdrawals, we’ll research this and get back to you. Second, they said we’ll remove this, it may take a month. Two months later I call customer service after receiving another late payment letter, and explain my previous calls, to resolve this mistake. Now customer service tells me to disregard future letters, we have your information, we will take care of this. Now a collection letter arrives.

Sister Vacation Poems – Vacation Poems About Sister

These Sister Vacation poems are examples of Vacation poems about Sister. These are the best examples of Vacation Sister poems written by international poets.

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I Will Never Forget My Aunt
I will never forget my aunt:                   ...

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vacation, christmas, cry, mom, words,

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Angel Factory
"A"ngel factory come inside.

"N"aughty need not apply.

"G"od is the boss here.

"E"tenal life a waits you.

"L"ove flows everywhere.

"F"ind your family, find your friends.

"A" halo is waiting...

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vacation, angel, heaven, love, spiritual,

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ABC Money
Another day another dollar I pray.
Blow the dollars and you will pay.
Count your pennies or do a giveaway.
Dollars could be at bay.
E-banks were all the...

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vacation, funny, giving, money, prayer,

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Where Did You Come From
Where did you come from,                    ...

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vacation, angel, dog, heaven, love,

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I Am
I Am

Me-Created by God

Woman–I give freely, I am not a tightwad.

Wife–But not to Todd.

Mother–I do not believe in sparing the rod.

Poet–I love to write even...

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vacation, dream, me, mom, poetry,

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Faith From God
F aith from God is free for the taking.

A ngels are heavenly beings.

I n prayer I find God's answers.

T he Son of God died for...

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vacation, angel, heaven, prayer, sin,

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Watering The Garden Of Dreams
What a beautiful filled garden with gorgeous colors,                 ...

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vacation, dream, flower, garden, water,

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Water Droplets
Ten water droplets

all forming a waterfall

water mist the air


Date Written: 4/29/2020...

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vacation, beauty, water,

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Rooster Sounding Off
rooster sounding off                      ...

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vacation, animal, farm, morning, sun,

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Spirituality You And Me
S pirituality are you calling.

P eacefully I am here exhaling.

I am in a big chair not on the floor crawling.

R eading a book today about...

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vacation, love, voice, write,

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Wild And Young
When we are young,                     ...

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Grace and Solitude
Grace how sweet you are in my time of need,               ...

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vacation, beach, feelings, prayer, time,

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Spring Is In The Air

S pring is in the air for all to see.

P retty little buzzing bees.

R unning like they are free.

I n and out of the beautiful...

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vacation, beautiful, spring, tree,

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My Potholders
P retty sitting on the hook all ready to be used.

O ven hot and waiting to see you.

T he fabric can be cloth or yarn...

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I Needed Someone, through thick and thin.
I Needed Someone, with a beautiful grin. 
I Needed Someone, I could call friend,

Top 15 Best Travel Websites

Here are the top 15 Best Travel Sites based on popularity as derived from our eBizMBA Rank which is a continually updated average of each website’s Alexa Global Traffic Rank, and U.S. Traffic Rank from both Compete and Quantcast.“*#*” Denotes an estimate for sites with limited data.

Booking1 | Booking

112 – eBizMBA Rank | 40,000,000 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 100 – Compete Rank | 111 – Quantcast Rank | 125 – Alexa Rank | Last Updated: February 1, 2020. The Best Travel Websites | eBizMBA

TripAdvisor2 | TripAdvisor

134 – eBizMBA Rank | 38,000,000 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 68 – Compete Rank | 126 – Quantcast Rank | 209 – Alexa Rank | Last Updated: February 1, 2020. The Best Travel Websites | eBizMBA

Yahoo! Travel3 | Yahoo! Travel

171 – eBizMBA Rank | 36,000,000 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | *165* – Compete Rank | *176* – Quantcast Rank | N/A – Alexa Rank | Last Updated: February 1, 2020. The Best Travel Websites | eBizMBA

Expedia4 | Expedia

271 – eBizMBA Rank | 25,000,000 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 77 – Compete Rank | 222 – Quantcast Rank | 515 – Alexa Rank | Last Updated: February 1, 2020. The Best Travel Websites | eBizMBA

Priceline5 | Priceline

410 – eBizMBA Rank | 20,000,000 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 130 – Compete Rank | 429 – Quantcast Rank | 670 – Alexa Rank | Last Updated: February 1, 2020. The Best Travel Websites | eBizMBA

Hotels6 | Hotels

524 – eBizMBA Rank | 16,000,000 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 198 – Compete Rank | 771 – Quantcast Rank | 603 – Alexa Rank | Last Updated: February 1, 2020. The Best Travel Websites | eBizMBA

Travelocity7 | Travelocity

673 – eBizMBA Rank | 14,000,000 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 181 – Compete Rank | 435 – Quantcast Rank | 1,404 – Alexa Rank | Last Updated: February 1, 2020. The Best Travel Websites | eBizMBA

Kayak8 | Kayak

769 – eBizMBA Rank | 13,000,000 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 289 – Compete Rank | 1,332 – Quantcast Rank | 687 – Alexa Rank | Last Updated: February 1, 2020. The Best Travel Websites | eBizMBA

Orbitz9 | Orbitz

856 – eBizMBA Rank | 11,000,000 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 266 – Compete Rank | 851 – Quantcast Rank | 1,452 – Alexa Rank | Last Updated: February 1, 2020. The Best Travel Websites | eBizMBA

Hotwire10 | Hotwire

1,114 – eBizMBA Rank | 8,500,000 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 364 – Compete Rank | *824* – Quantcast Rank | 2,153 – Alexa Rank | Last Updated: February 1, 2020. The Best Travel Websites | eBizMBA

HomeAway11 | HomeAway

1,121 – eBizMBA Rank | 8,250,000 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 566 – Compete Rank | 871 – Quantcast Rank | 1,926 – Alexa Rank | Last Updated: February 1, 2020.
The Best Travel Websites | 

Truro Vacation Rental condo in Cape Cod MA, 50′ Private beach

Truro Vacation Rental 21629

Looking at A’Lure’N from our private beach

Coming into the unit

Living room with memory foam sleep sofa

Dinning room looking out at the deck and water

fully equipped kitchen

Queen bedroom

Private deck with rockers and gas grill

Front of the A’Lure’N

Picnic table and chairs for your use

Suntan on our longe chairs


Enjoy the magnificent sunsets

Our Winter guest

Truro Vacation Rental 21629

Looking at A’Lure’N from our private beach

Coming into the unit

Living room with memory foam sleep sofa

Dinning room looking out at the deck and water

fully equipped kitchen

Queen bedroom

Private deck with rockers and gas grill

Front of the A’Lure’N

Picnic table and chairs for your use

Suntan on our longe chairs


Enjoy the magnificent sunsets

Our Winter guest

Truro Vacation Rental 21629

Looking at A’Lure’N from our private beach

Coming into the unit

Living room with memory foam sleep sofa

Dinning room looking out at the deck and water

fully equipped kitchen

Queen bedroom

Private deck with rockers and gas grill

Front of the A’Lure’N

Picnic table and chairs for your use

Suntan on our longe chairs


Enjoy the magnificent sunsets

Our Winter guest

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Vacation World R.V. Center Vacation World RV of St. George, Utah

Vacation World R.V. Center of St. George, Utah

RV Sales and Consignment

Vacation World RV is Southern Utah’s oldest and #1 choice RV Dealer and has been family owned and operated since 1986. Our knowledgeable, friendly sales staff is here to help you find the new and used Forest River Rockwood folding Tent Trailers, Travel Trailers, Motor Homes, 5th Wheels, toy haulers or boats, without the typical salesperson pressure. We specialize in popular brands of pre-owned Thor, Fleetwood, Monaco, NuWa, Pacific coach works, Montana, Keystone, Heartland and Winnebago RV’s.

Vacation World RV has a following of happy customers from The red rock region of St. George UT to Salt Lake City UT, Las Vegas Nevada, Mesquite Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and surrounding neighboring states. In addition to our Huge selection of New and Used RV’s we offer Bank, Credit Union, in-house Financing, insurance and warranties. We give top dollar for your trade in, our Consignments are always free or we will buy your used RV. We offer pick up and free delivery in our area.

Our RV parts department carries large selection of parts and accessories at unbeatable prices. We have a full service RV service department with Master Technicians on staff, including Onan and Generac Generator specialists.

So if your looking for a clean, certified new or used RV and don’t want the institution feel of the chain RV dealers, Vacation World offers the comfortable home town feel and service that keeps you coming back

Types of R.V.’s we sell and consign

Types of R.V.'s we sell and sonsign

  • Motorhomes
  • Campers
  • 5th Wheels
  • Trailers
  • Toy Haulers
  • Tent Trailers
  • Boats

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Luxury Vacation Rentals & Villa Homes for Rent

  • Our vacation villa in Cabo San Lucas far exceeded our wildest dreams. The incredible attention to detail and full concierge service set the standard for what a real luxury vacation should be.

    Jake O. (Pomona, CA)

  • My wife and I count on the excellent management team every year to make sure our vacation is as carefree as possible. Their entire staff is experienced, attentive, friendly, and always available to help. The only finger we had to lift was to reserve online!

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  • Finding a beautiful place to stay on vacation that can accommodate our growing family has always been a challenge. We found a fantastic villa in Hawaii that was cheaper than a hotel. No more price comparisons needed because we know we’re getting the best deal with this team!

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  • I’ve always been a member of luxury vacation clubs until I found this site. With no membership fees and unparalleled access to the most beautiful properties in the world, the concierge team has helped me save thousands of dollars while providing excellent and personalized service.

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  • We stayed in a gorgeous home in the Hollywood Hills that we never would have found without the help of their management staff. Not only were we greeted upon arrival and given a tour of the property, but the concierge team made every detail of our stay perfect. I can’t wait for our next vacation with them!

    David G. (Chicago, IL)

  • Comparing vacation rentals has always been my biggest hassle when planning a holiday, but after finding this team I know I don’t have to look any further. They’€™re price-match guarantee makes the search easy, not to mention the villas are stunning

    Charles F. (Albany, NY)

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    Poconos – Pocono Mountains Pennsylvania Vacation Rentals

    Poconos Cabin Rentals – A Great Way To Experience The Area

    When you are in the Poconos mountains area, you are going to want to stay in a great place for your perfect getaway. Often that place is going to be a cabin, but it will be a place that is going to provide you plenty of enjoyment. That is because you can find vacation rentals houses with amenities like private pools, indoor pools, outdoor pools and fire pits., but they have the added bonus of being in a beautiful area which can be completely different than what you get at home. So what makes these rentals such a great option compared to a hotel and what can you do in the area? Not only that how can you find the rentals? That is easy to do when you check out and the wide selection of properties we have available for you to rent. We have rentals in the poconos mountains that are great for family reunions ,family vacations and other just for family and friends. Before you start looking at our amazing list of cabins for your mountain getaway it is time to explore more of why you would want to come here.

    Where are the best cabins to rent around Poconos Mountains PA when traveling on vacation or holiday:

    When you’re planning out a weekend stay or a longer trip to the Poconos PA USA, this spread of Cabins rentals should suit the needs of both solo travelers and bigger groups (family, friends, etc): 

    • Albertsville cabins for rent
    • Dingmans Ferry cabins to rent
    • Hawley cabins to rent
    • Kunkletown cabins to rent
    • Lake Harmony Estates cabins to rent

    Where to stay around Poconos – Pocono Mountains Pennsylvania

    Our May 2020 property listings offer a selection of 34
    vacation rentals near Poconos – Pocono Mountains. Find a unique house rental for you to enjoy a
    memorable stay with your family and friends. The best places to stay near Poconos – Pocono Mountains
    for a holiday or a weekend are on Find Rentals.

    Where are the best places to stay in Poconos – Pocono Mountains?

    Whether you’re traveling with family or friends, here are the areas with the largest selection of
    vacation rentals for a holiday trip or just for a weekend in Poconos – Pocono Mountains:

    • Lake Harmony Area
    • Lake Wallenpaupack Area: 10 vacation rentals
    • Blue Mountain Area: 7 vacation rentals

    For nearby neighborhoods, please use our search to access the selection of vacation rentals available in and around Poconos – Pocono Mountains.

    What are some fun things to do in Poconos – Pocono Mountains?

    Find Rentals offers a selection of vacation rentals near parks and other areas of interest in Poconos – Pocono Mountains.
    Some of the most popular places to visit while you’re traveling in Poconos – Pocono Mountains while on vacation are

    Skytop Adventure Center, Indian Ladder Falls, Gravel Property
    and a few more.

    There are many other points of interest

    Vacation in Barbados – An Authentic Barbados Vacation Guide

    Welcome to Vacation in Barbados  Come enjoy a Barbados Vacation

    So you are planning a Barbados

    You’ve decided you need a break from
    burdens of everyday life and that it is time for a trip to a
    tropical paradise

    You’ve heard that “Bajans
    [bay-juns] are laid-back friendly people, that the weather here is
    perfect and the food is truly unique…..

    You’ve dreamt of relaxing on one of
    beautiful sandy beaches under the warm afternoon sun without a care in
    the world…..

    Barbados Vacation West Coast Beach

    But you don’t have time for all the planning…..

    Well I am here to help prepare you for
    well deserved vacation in Barbados!

    Barbados has become one of the most
    Caribbean destinations for family and romantic vacations with its…

    Beautiful white
    beaches for sun tanning

    Magnificent coral
    for scuba diving and snorkeling

    Spectacular cliff
    for site-seeing

    caves for exploring

    Excellent waves
    for Barbados

    World class Barbados
    courses to tee off on

    Exhilarating Barbados
    for partying

    And you guessed
    best damn Caribbean rum for drinking!

    These are just a few of the island’s
    attractions awaiting you.

    Vacation in Barbados East Coast

    Here at I strive to provide you with the most comprehensive information to aid
    in planning your trip to my beautiful home as well as to ensure your
    visit is as safe, memorable and cheap as possible.

    I love this island and as a local I
    want to
    help save you time by showing you how to find cheap
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    I would also like to tell you about
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    do Barbados tourists attractions
    so that you spend your
    vacation money wisely while you are here.

    Many of the other Caribbean islands have become very commercialized
    with American fast food restaurants and private beaches.

    However, we
    are proud of our authenticity
    and if you expect to dine at a
    McDonald’s or pay a fee to tan on the beach you are traveling to the
    wrong place!

    I want to help you become engulfed in
    culture and to leave with a true experience of the Caribbean.

    Not only do I hope you find this
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    So sit back and relax and let us
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    Cheap Barbados Vacation – Planning An Affordable Vacation in Barbados
    It is possible to take a cheap Barbados vacation by saving money through cheap Barbados flights, affordable Barbados hotels and more..
    Barbados Vacation Packages – Finding